Comparison is the Thief of Joy!

One of the things I've honestly been struggling with is comparison. Am I doing enough? Is what I'm doing the best that I can? There's a reason for that: in my world, reaching goals and ranks is a big deal. We track and celebrate often. In general, this is a good thing. There is a lot of achievement and personal growth, which is amazing! At the same time, though, all that constant upward movement means you're placed into this position where you are continually striving to be your absolute best. The thing is, "absolute best" and “the top” don’t exist! You're always in a state of growth!

It’s equally important to live in the now and appreciate and acknowledge your individual accomplishments. Great friends tugged me out of my funk and made me acknowledge that what I am and what I'm doing are enough. My journey is unique and what I want in life is unique as well. It can be easy to forget that and compare yourself to others, especially with social media. Know that everyone falls victim to the comparison game. Remember this mantra when you feel yourself getting sucked in: comparison is the thief of joy! You never know where someone is on their journey! Run your own race and realize that there is never a "top" or an "absolute best." You are never done. And that is OK. :)