Start Discovering Your Destiny: Delegate!

Decision is the ultimate power.

Delayed decisions lead to overwhelm, procrastination, disappointment, frustration, and lack of results.
Delayed Decisions Mantra:
Delegate it,
Do it,
Or Delete it.


Set up email filters, unsubscribe from emails, start fresh with a new email, outsource to someone else.
Individual emails:
Delegate it: To yourself- put it on the calendar or boomerang to another time. To someone else. Do you need to know the outcome? Put a reminder to follow up on an agenda/task list or in your calendar. To a folder: Will you need this later – does it matter if it is organized or not? In a time of searchable email and unlimited space, I don’t feel it is the end of the world to have a catch all folder for people that just can’t hit delete.
Do it: Can you do it right now? Good enough? Will the task take you completely on a tangent?
Delete it: What happens if it doesn’t get done? Really? How many delayed decisions will NEVER get done. Are you passive aggressively saying ‘no’ instead of owning the decision?


You don’t have to recreate the wheel; you just have to make it turn.

    1. I’ll feel bad or spoiled. Paying someone else to do a task they are capable of makes the world go round. Who are you to decide what is ‘beneath’ them or you. Every task is noble. Show sincere gratitude and appreciation.
      Make sure you ego isn’t holding you or other people back.
    2. It’s too expensive. This is a simple numbers game. How much is your time worth per hour? Can someone do the task sufficiently for the same amount or less? Are you disciplined enough to make money at your top and most enjoyed talents if you outsource this task?
    3. I don’t know where to start. Most of the time this is a delayed decision. There are plenty of tools and resources. You just have to take the first step!
      a. LEARN – Articles (Tanya Hagre on Facebook), magazines, books (4 Hr Workweek, Podcasts
      b. Your house (Hire someone to clean your house. ASAP.)
      c. Virtual Assistants:
      i. (It’s $5 – take a leap and try SOMETHING!)
      iii. (charges a fee to find and train Virtual Assistants)
      v. Ask for referrals!

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